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петак, 08. јул 2016.

W.A.Mozart : "Requiem'', Marija Popovic (piano& director)

Објављено је 07.07.2016.
Story behind : The first Mozart's Instrumental Fairy Tale Opera @copyright by Marija Popovic
'' I have recorded a new video for the piano arrangement of Mozart's ''Requiem ". This is my first author video and I will be signed as its director.
The video is taken from the passage '' Lacrimosa'' followed by an arrangement of mov. ''Dies Irea'' made for solo piano and strings.

In the first scene, Mozart is swinging in a hammock , and I am playing him, a challenging role for a woman. Since the Requiem Mass is for a dead, I wanted to convey a sense of the scene that is not set either in heaven or on earth.
The next scene, a girl in a yellow dress with a white patch on her eyes, reminiscent of Mozart's childhood, when he was a boy ad was blindfolded to play without the use of his eyes. The reason for the pigtails in this scene is to represent a girl, not a woman.
The Garden of Eden,was inspired of Papageno\a duet from the opera The Magic Flute.
For the and I left a symbolic struggle between of Angel an The Queen of the night (Aria from the opera the Magic flute).

Video was filming in the most beautiful theater in Belgrade ''KPGT''.

Marija Popovic, piano
Tijana Milosevic, Ksenija Milosevic& Mirjana Neskovic, violin
Julijna Markovic, Dejan Timotijevic, cello
Piano&Strings arrangement : Marijo Pajic
Producer&Sound engineer: Marijo Pajic
Recorded, mixed & mastered: Marijo Pajic (Studio Coda)
Greates support: Danka & Ljubisa Ristic
Costume: Marija Sindjelic & Ivana Djuric
Hair: Svetlana Pavlovic
Make up: Ena Jovic
Producer: Marija Popovic
Photography Behind the Scenes: Irena Canic
Edithor: Aleksandar Schmidt
Set designer: Ana Nesimovski
Director of photography: Dalibor Tonkovic
Director: Marija Popovic

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